Instruction at Franklin Polo Academy

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There is a fascination about the game of polo that is hard to describe to anyone who has never played. Once a man has had the taste of it, the task of curing him is rather hopeless.
— Tommy Hitchcock Jr., Museum of Polo and Hall of Fame Inductee

Introduction to Polo Lesson - $75

This is a one time introductory lesson price only and cannot be repeated after a student completes it. This will be a group lesson that lasts roughly 1 1/2 hours. 

  • Introduction to our horses and equipment

  • Introduction to polo and safety

  • Foot mallet practice

  • Basic polo riding skills and drills

  • Basic hitting while riding


Junior Riding/Polo Lessons Package - $375 (5 lessons)
Lessons purchased individually are $85

Specifically for children 10 to 14 years of age. These group lessons will each be one hour long. This is a great option for young, new riders who want to hone their riding skills and have a little bit of mallet time.

  • Safety instruction

  • Polo grooming and tacking/untacking their horse

  • Hitting and drills with foot mallets

  • Basic rules and strategy

  • Riding skills and drills


Polo League Lesson Package - $450 (5 lessons)
Lessons purchased individually - $100
Single Private polo lesson - $150

These group lessons will each be one hour long. Through these lessons, you will get to where you can start playing practice chukkers with other members.

  • Horse and tack preparation

  • Riding skills and drills

  • Hitting skills and drills

  • Rules, game strategy and positioning

  • Scrimmages and coaching chukkers


What to expect at my first polo lesson:

It is natural to be a little nervous for your first polo lesson, especially if you aren't used to riding. We have the best beginner polo ponies that will teach you how to be comfortable and confident while mounted. You will be introduced to a new, thrilling sport that is challenging, physically demanding, and potentially dangerous. However, it is one of the most rewarding feelings to accomplish goals with your horse and we guarantee you'll leave wanting to try polo again! 


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