June, Polo Pony of the Month: Espy

We feature one of our polo ponies each month to share with you a little about their backgrounds and special roles they carry at Franklin Polo Academy. We hope you enjoy getting to know our horses and encourage you to seek them out at polo matches to say hello as they ride by! Or better yet, come take a polo lesson with them!

This month, we'd like to introduce our new polo PONY, Espy!

Espy, short for Esperanza, arrived at Franklin Polo Academy about a month ago from English polo player and friend, Julian Daniels. She spent many years on Daniels' Aiken, South Carolina farm teaching his children how to ride and play.

Espy is a 17 year old, chestnut, Argentine bred, polo pony. She is actually considered a "pony" because of her height, 14.1 hands (equivalent to 57 inches). She has huge, cartoon-like brown eyes and a thick white star between them. Espy is as sweet as they come! She will play a big role here bringing confidence to younger students and we have no doubt that she will be able to do that with ease!



Welcome to F.P.A.!

We hope you've enjoyed learning about Espy and look forward to next month's feature polo pony! We would love to hear about your personal experience with her so please comment below or on our Facebook page! If your children would like to come take a lesson on Espy, don't hesitate to call!